Pearltrees and Pinterest

I would first like to discuss a tool I was introduced to last semester, pearltrees, that is used to collect and organize websites.  I was drawn to this tool because of the kind of information mapping it allows for.  I have been using pearltrees for a little over a semester now and I am slowly adding pearls based on my different interests and activities.  In my opinion, the tool is super easy to use and manipulate.  I also recently figured out that you can upload your own images for the pearls.  AWEsome!  The social aspect of the tool comes from the ability to view other people’s pearltrees and even use their pearls.  When your pearls are used by someone else, you are alerted via email and you can then view their tree, use their pearls, and are potentially connected with someone who has similar interests.  You can also develop a pearltree as a member of a team.  Here is the link to my pearltree:

Pearltrees is kind of similar to Pinterest in that both are social tools that assist in the organization of information found online.  You can share pearls via both Facebook and Twitter similar to how you can share pins with Facebook when using Pinterest.  I have minimal experience with Pinterest and have just started to explore how libraries are using it.  I appreciate the ability to create categories in order to organize pins.  However, a category with hundreds of pins is a bit overwhelming.

Pinterest is definitely set up as more of a social tool and pearltrees more as an organizational tool.  Pinterest is a valid social media tool for information organizations to use to connect with their patrons.  Concerning pearltrees, I wonder if it could be useful amongst the staff of an information organization who can use the tool as a team to organize and access websites that are relevant to the organization.



4 thoughts on “Pearltrees and Pinterest

  1. cynthiaalise

    Pearltrees looks very interesting. I see how it can be more organized than Pinterest. It will be exciting to see how it grows over the next few years. It can be a great resource for organizing information in general over the web. Thank you for introducing this website to me. I may want to use it a little and write on it myself sometime.

  2. cybrariansam

    Thank you for sharing your new knowledge about pearltrees. I had not heard of it prior to reading this post. Glad to hear you say it is easy to manipulate. I will experiment with it.

  3. kathysbookmark

    I had never heard of Pearltree before your blog post — thanks for the great information. I’m very familiar with Pinterest so that gives me something to compare it to. I checked out your Pearltree account and it looks really cool.

  4. Christy Confetti Higgins

    Hi Toni – Thanks for sharing Pearltree with us! I’ve not seen Pearltree before either so appreciated seeing your example.

    There are visual search tools that organize your search results into visual maps like Pearltree as well where you can zoom in and out of a category which I find a great way to view and access information.

    I like your thoughts regarding how you can connect Pearltrees to a library or information space – good ideas and something to explore.

    Thanks –



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