Tumblr: is a blogging community focused on sharing intellectual and creative pursuits. http://www.tumblr.com

I found tumbler very easy to use there are big graphics, easy to understand icons and a simple feed.  What is has in simplicity, it lacks in terms of sophisticated searching there are only a couple of tools to find things and not as a diverse offering as other social media. The focus on this tool is to post interesting information and creative tidbits to entertain and create.  I looks very similar to the status feed of Facebook   Overall it is elegant and clear.  I found the posting of a quote very easy.  If you are curious I posted a quote from Steinbeck, “Vice has always a new fresh face, while virtue is venerable as nothing else in the world is.”

I think that this site is very useful in supporting a creative community.  The focus is on information and creation rather than personal lives like on Facebook.  The posts are organized into 7 categories that even include quotes. With its focus on production there is a high utility for collaboration and creative networking.  It doesn’t appear to be a saturated as Facebook and YouTube, however there is a wealth of information.

I feel that this site is unique in its construction and utilization of create products.  There are other sites that focus on creativity, but with the social media format.  I highly recommend this site for entertainment and the sharing of your creative material.

A library might use this feed for networking library groups or providing reader’s advisory.  Library groups like writer’s groups could find that this is a way to get better exposure for group members.  Librarians could be tied into books sites and it could inform their reader’s advisory catalog.   The library itself could post interesting information so that more people would be encouraged to participate in their library programs.


3 thoughts on “Tumblr

  1. Lauren Peters

    I will be the first to admit that I am very new to this medium and therefore things that are common sense to others are not always obvious to me. I went to tumblr.com and perused the pictures I found there. I found it interesting but confusing. I can see if I had something I wanted to share that it would be a good place to share my art. I could see this being a good place to work on a project with others. But, for me, It was difficult to see how the art is organized other than with hash tags.
    As a person of artistic inabilities who would like to see a specific project say, you, are working on, how would I find it? I tried entering your quote in the search box with no results. Thanks for sharing this and for your helping me understand how I can use it…..Lauren

  2. tnixey

    I have heard the word Tumblr on occasion but have never been intrigued enough to check out what the tool has to offer, until now. I thoroughly enjoyed looking through the different artwork immediately accessible on the homepage. I finally clicked on one of the last images published on the page which retrieved multiple photographs published by the same creator. I learned that the photographer is a Canadian astronaut sharing images from space! OMG! How cool! He seems to publish new photographs pretty frequently through the site and published multiple photographs with references to the Superbowl.


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