Generation Y Girl in a Digital World!

I have a love/hate relationship with technology, especially online social networking.  I love it because it keeps me connected to my friends and family that are far away. But I hate it, because it is constantly changing and advancing, which makes it extremely challenging to keep up with. MySpace, Facebook, Linked-in, Twitter, Pintrest… uh its exhausting to keep up with. The moment I believe I have mastered a social networking site, it advances or becomes obsolete. But I must be honest, besides a Facebook account for personal use—I do not currently use any of the others. Yea, Yea, I know, stupid right? But hey, that’s why I am taking this class. My goal is to become connected and truly understand the value of these technologies. For my first blog post, I wanted to discuss the impact of social media, as demonstrated in the Social Media 2013 video and the article, The Rise of Social Media for Personal and Professional Use that was posted on D2L. I believe this video was so interesting in how the statistics explained the way our world is becoming almost completely online. The most moving statement I found on the video was IT EVEN IMPACTS OUR OFFLINE RELATIONSHIPS. I spent a long time thinking about that statement and I was really wowed on how true it really is. What is on your Facebook page or, who you know on your LinkedIn has the potential to affect whether or not you are hired for a job. I recall my friend wanted to get a job at a specific museum, so he found out who the museum’s director was traced his LinkedIn connections all the way back through different people until he found someone who was a friend of a friend of a friend, who knew this particular person. From there he was able to get his resume to the director directly instead of just letting it sit with the hundreds of others on the human resources website. And the neatest part was he was able to get an interview, and ultimately got the job! Furthermore, the director said he was impressed with the diligence of my friend in the way he took the imitative to reach him personally using technology! How neat is that! This story made me think of the importance of showcasing professional relationships, and truly utilizing technology to work for you.

            Being born in 1984, I am part of Generation Y. I feel so lucky to have been born in this generation, because I grew up with technology. I have put together a list of items I remember as I grew up:

  • Getting our first computer
  • Playing MathBlaster and Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing
  • Using dial up internet to connect to AOL… You’ve Got Mail!
  • Getting my first email address, which was
  • Talking to my friends through instant messaging
  • Only being able to use the internet for a certain amount of time because my mom only purchased 100 minutes on AOL
  • My uncle showing me and my sister a website called, “Ask Jeeves” where I could ask anything I could possibly imagine
  • Setting up a MySpace page, and downloading a Britney Spears song to play when it opened
  • Getting my first laptop computer
  • Using my cell phone to check my email
  • Setting up a Facebook page
  • Taking a college course completely online
  • Reading an e-book
  • Using Skype to talk to my grandmother in New York
  • Getting my first Ipad
  • And finally…. seeing my professors lecture live using a site called Elluminate!


Wow! What an amazing journey I have taken. Based on all these events I was able to relate to pretty much all of the stats pertaining to Generation Y in the Kelly Global Workforce Index. I am not as skeptical about the using social media as a baby boomer; but I am savvier about the social responsibilities that come with using social media in the workplace. At least that is the way I feel. Growing up with this rise of technology, I have seen people lifted and lives ruined through the use of social media. I am so excited to see what the next phase of social media and technology holds. And with this class I hope to enter into a new realm of technology, where I can be in the know!

Cheers to social media,

-Jaiden Williams


3 thoughts on “Generation Y Girl in a Digital World!

  1. tnixey

    I am a Gen Y’er as well and have had similar experiences to those that you shared. I pleaded with my Mom to get a family computer at some point in my younger years. Teachers started requiring papers be typed and Mom made me use a typewriter for a long time. However, the papers were getting longer and I argued that the other kid’s papers looked nicer and didn’t take as long as it did on the typewriter. She caved and I have not lived without a computer since 🙂

    Concerning social media, I resisted the craze pretty good for awhile. Got through high school and my undergraduate years without a MySpace or a Facebook page. After college though, I had time to explore this social media thang and friends were always making suggestions that I should join. I caved and now I check my Facebook page every day if I can. I convinced my Mom to join Facebook too 🙂

  2. Christy Confetti Higgins

    Hi Jaiden – Your blog post was a lot of fun to read and I love the personality you put into your story. Your list was great – thanks for sharing that.

    The story of your friend and the museum job/interview is a great example of how we can connect with people in a way that has never been possible before. We can learn from people that we’d otherwise not be able to learn from and the impact to our offline relationships is very real. Thank you for highlighting that and providing your insight.



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