Hootsuite is a social media management site. It is easily found at  Hootsuite.com or on the app site on your device.  There are two versions, free and pro.  The free version allows you to have up to five social media profiles on one page, auto-updates your blog, tracks brand mentions, allows you to develop twitter lists, and analyses clicks.  The pro version allows for multiple uses, allows unlimited social profiles and more data analyses.

I signed up for the free account.  I only have Facebook and Twitter.  Under settings, I found the “tweet the love” tab. I translated my post into Albanian then posted a line which showed up on both my FB and TW accounts.   What a fun way to send secret messages to friends.

One quick look benefit to the site is the ability to see multiple pages at once for each profile.  For my twitter, I can see my home feed, mentions, inbox, sent tweets, and pending tweets.  For Facebook, I see my news feed and pending status updates.  I wish there was a way to see each profile on one page instead of paging back and forth.  I can do that myself on my ipad.

Hootsuite is what I was looking for in being able to post to both Facebook and Twitter simultaneously.   I am a serious noob to this world, so if you know of another way, I would love to learn.  It this way, it is very convenient and will be of use to my social media plan.

For libraries and other institutions, having all of the media that has been sent out and creating new posts to be sent out in the future can be a time saver.  Knowing the statistics behind who is reading and forwarding your posts can be a good way to track reception of information.  Comparing that number to the people that actually show up to your event can show the library where its energies are being best received.



4 thoughts on “HootSuite

  1. Deborah Cooper

    I enjoyed your review of Hootsuite. I have seen it mentioned but have not yet investigated it myself. It sounds very useful especially for librarians who are in charge of their institution’s social media. I really like the idea of being able to view Twitter and Facebook simultaneously. With so much activity to keep track of I think tools like this are vital for keeping things flowing smoothly.

  2. cogsighhh

    I used Hootsuite when I was managing multiple social media accounts for different clients. It really is a convenient way to see several accounts’ info without having to log in and out of all of the different sites. I prefer Tweetdeck for monitoring @mentions, direct mentions and keyword searches, but unfortunately it can only manage twitter and not other platforms. I haven’t used it in a while but it’s worth a look 🙂

  3. Christy Confetti Higgins

    Hi Lauren – thanks for sharing information on Hootsuite. It can be a great way to manage all the information you follow/track on tools like Twitter and Facebook.

    I’ve not used Hootsuite in a few years as I’ve found other ways to manage the information I follow but it certainly helps with the information overload.

    I’m glad you are thinking of it as a way to manage the sites you’ll be proposing in your Social Media Plan – good idea!


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