Looking forward to week 3!

Hi everyone – we are looking forward to this week as we begin to jump into various discussions!

Reminder, your first blog entry is due by 2/6 along with the topic of your Social Media Plan. We are really looking forward to reading your blogs and seeing where you will focus for your plan. We will be providing feedback/input on both over the next week.

Some blog entries are coming in already and they are great to read – thank you!

Also, we have our first discussion starting this week. The topics will typically be posted on the Wed of the week (2/6) and participation will happen through the following Wed (2/13). For this first topic, we will be posting the topic early (today!!) – be on a look out for that and looking forward to the discussion.

Thanks –



5 thoughts on “Looking forward to week 3!

  1. jaidenwilliams

    One more question, where do we drop our proposals? And is it correct that we just have to tell you what we institution we will be following? I remember during lecture that was said. But I just wanted to be sure.
    Thank you.


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