Google Plus Me – Maybe :)

I am intrigued by the potential of Google Plus.  Personally, I do not have a pressing need to hop on board especially with my current use of Facebook and LinkedIn.   If acting on behalf of an information organization however, I can see how it would be beneficial to incorporate Google Plus into the mix of an organization’s social media tools.  Some information organizations are doing it right with their Google Plus pages, The New York Public Library as we saw for example, while others are not.  For instance, while browsing libraries on Google Plus I saw at least one library that had not created a new post in over four months.  As another example, one library has a visibly appealing Google Plus page with frequent enough posts but has not connected with individuals or other institutions to develop their circles, from what I can tell.  I wonder if this is due to a lack of understanding on how to use the tool or something else??

Awareness of the continued growth of Google Plus is important for an information organization as well as consideration of using it as a social media outreach tool.  If however, let’s say, the resources available in an information organization only allowed for the development of one social media tool, it would probably be the most beneficial to start with a Facebook page.  Facebook continues to have the greatest reach into patron communities.



One thought on “Google Plus Me – Maybe :)

  1. kallierees

    Hi ToeKnee,
    I still don’t really get Google Plus or why an organization would choose it over Facebook. But here’s something interesting -The New York Public Library on Facebook has about 79,000 followers, but on Google Plus there are about 600,000 in their circles. Yet in my opinion their Facebook page is way more interesting as their Google Plus page has far less content and nothing that isn’t on the Facebook page. This just makes me more confused about Google Plus. Again, I think this is a case of less is more.


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