E-portfolio sites use of social media

I am curious about E-portfolio creation and how the available options use social media as a benefit to the creator of the portfolio and can it be used by a library. I found three options:

1) Google Sites for E-portfolios https://sites.google.com/site/plgl2550/creating-your-portfolio-using-google-sites
2) Coroflot portfolios http://www.coroflot.com/
3) Live Binders http://www.livebinders.com

Google E-Portfolio creates a blog for reflection, GoogleDocs for inclusion of support to competencies and the choice to have a web-based presentation of your e-portfolio. Some of the portfolios were to be used by k-12 and below is a link to the diagram of the process done by a high School teacher.
https://sites.google.com/site/eportfolioapps/components/mashup . Another good source is http://blog.helenbarrett.org/ written by a retired teacher and very helpful. Google allows a fee personal domain address and collaborative options. GoogleDocs is used to include documents as evidence; Google Sites to include video, images of gadgets; and Google Video to record videos.

Coroflot is basically for design professional’s job site. I was disappointed by the example sites. It cannot be easily translated into an E-portfolio for my use. The site uses Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and RSS (for design jobs).

Live Binders http://www.livebinders.com uses Twitter, Facebook, You Tube and RSS for Blog and is very flexible when creating a portfolio. Binders can be incorporated on a website. One blogger used a binder on a library website. This site has applications to use binders on the iPad or Android.

I have an account on Google for my E-Portfolio and an account on Live Binders. I have not come to a conclusion about which is the best option to use. In addition, I have discounted Coroflot due the difficulty of use. However, both Google E-Portfolio and Live Binder will be useful in libraries as they are both flexible to use and easy to add information. I particularly value the ability to embed either product on a library website.


6 thoughts on “E-portfolio sites use of social media

  1. Nettie

    Hi Michelle,
    This is great information, thanks! I’ll be doing my e port in the fall and have been pondering platform options. I’m leaning towards Google + over D2L for the appeal of something more permanent.
    There’s a great Facebook page for SLIS eport support, if you haven’t seen it already:
    If the link doesn’t allow access, just search “SJSU MLIS eportfolio support group”
    Good luck!

  2. A. Zuniga

    Thanks for exploring ePortfolio options! My supervisor just gave a presentation on the importance of them and I was reminded (yet again) on how I really need to put one together for myself. It’s amazing how far we’ve come–now we can put videos in our portfolios. Crazy. This might be a good option for any recorded presentations we do on Collaborate.

    1. Michelle Chimento Post author

      One thing that I forgot to do is to keep the link to any collaborate presentations that I did. If it is group time and you only have one of the presentations, you need to also keep the time slot of your presentation. I wish someone had warned me.

  3. Lori

    In Bodart’s Booktalking (& Booktrailers) course last fall, we worked with Naomi Bates from Northwest Texas High School. Her LiveBinder, which includes all of the resources she uses to create book trailers as well as teach her high school students how to create them. It can be found at: http://www.livebinders.com/play/play_or_edit?id=13228. She invests incredible amounts of time to create book trailers, often several a month. Her LiveBinder portfolio speaks for itself…Check it out.

  4. Michelle Chimento Post author

    I agree that the binder is an achievement and obviously allot of work. LiveBinder.com is even more interesting now that I have seen what can be accomplished using the site.
    . By the way, Jean Bodart is terrific! I have her for online searching this term. I will look into her Booktalking class for next term. Thank you for the link.


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