Longmont PL and UCSD Geisel Library Facebook Smackdown!

Geisel Library with purple sky.

A seriously awesome photo of UCSD’s Geisel Library – © UCSD

I took a look at the Longmont Public Library and the UCSD Geisel Library Facebook pages and did a comparison.

* Both libraries post regularly. I’d say they both average about once a day.
* Both libraries mix up the content between informative, interesting, humorous, and interactive (usually by asking a question).
* Both libraries use plenty of pictures.
* Both libraries have a user picture that shows off the library, though I think UCSD Geisel’s choice to include a group of apparently-excited students in the picture is a good idea.


I noticed that the Longmont PL tended to post their most informative and most important messages, such as the library being closed, as a plain text status message. This doesn’t get as much reach, either from Facebook’s algorithms, or by people simply scanning past it in their feed.

UCSD did this better, with a post about fire alarms going off that included a humorous (well, some would say) graphic to go with it.

Longmont PL has a timely banner image on their page, representing February, though it’s hard to read. The Geisel library is celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday, appropriately enough, which is March 2nd.

UCSD seems to have figured out how to get their address and phone # information to display directly on their page. I know from experience that this isn’t a simple thing. Longmont doesn’t seem to have figured it out. Because I think if they knew how to do it, they would have.

Comparing the number of “likes” to the number of “were here”s, it seems like UCSD is getting far more traffic relative to the number of people who have liked their page.

Finally, UCSD has some “home video” footage of dancers dancing under the library structure. That’s pretty cool. Especially as it gives a real sense of how large this unusual library building actually is.

I think I’m going to have to give the win to UCSD, but Longmont isn’t doing too shabbily.


6 thoughts on “Longmont PL and UCSD Geisel Library Facebook Smackdown!

  1. A. Zuniga

    I’m so excited to see my alma mater’s library using social media so well! I’m not sure how long they have had a Facebook page for, but I never liked their page until recently as a graduate, when it was mentioned a few times within this class. I agree that they do an awesome job of posting a combination of entertaining and useful information. The fact that I liked the page, even when the information is no longer pertinent to me, is a reflection of their success.

  2. Nomi

    It is Dr. Seuss’ birthday on Saturday! And it’s Read Across America this coming week in his honor! This means that you should go out and do something awesome with books this week – we’re celebrating in kindergarten with a lot of Dr. Seuss books and activities, among other things. 🙂

    1. Laura

      I’m biased towards UCSD — an alumna and former librarian there. I’ve had them on my facebook since way back when and they haven’t disappointed. Though much has changed since I left (2004), the support and resources and the importance placed on web presence, now social media presence, is amazing. It doesn’t hurt that they have witty staff as well! They seem to have clicked and connected with students and that’s what it is all about! Keep it up, UCSD!
      And yes, they’ll be having cake on Friday in honor of Dr. Seuss…oh, the places they’ve gone!

  3. lesalazar

    I have to agree with my fellow Triton graduate, A. Zuniga, that the UCSD Facebook page has done an amazing job with broadcasting information that ranges from the relevant to the comedic and in between. It truly is a wonderful library, the physical structure itself is breathtaking. But what I really like about the page, which wasn’t setup until after I graduated, is that it provides not only information about library hours but events and exhibits held within the library and in the wider campus community. They’ve shared posts from other UCSD groups concerning talks, campus wide surveys, and even internship opportunities. With such a large library and campus, I remember missing out on events that I was only aware of after the fact. Library staff have created a successful page combining information and fun.

  4. J. Andrews Post author

    Thanks for all the comments. Proof that including an eye-catching photo in your blog post is a good marketing strategy? 🙂


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