Come On, LIbrarians!! Get up and Move!!


Everyone knows that working out with a friend is much more successful than trying to do it on your own. My best friend lives 3000 miles away. She is still my workout buddy. We use a free social app called MyFitnessPal. On it, we keep a food diary, weight and measurements diary, and track our exercise. On the ‘friends’ page, the app announces that we have lost weight (never that we have gained it back!), have checked in every day for x amount of days, and what exercise we completed that day. On each entry is the ability to comment with encouragement.

A new twist to the app is the ability to sync with other apps and devices. For Christmas, I bought a twin pack of fitbits (about $90 for two) and sent one to my friend. Fitbits clip securely onto a pocket or even to the center of your bra. It is sweatproof (but not machine washable). The Fitbit tracks the time, steps, calories burned, and miles you walk each day. Then, it syncs up with its app. The app then sends the information to MyFitnessPal. MFP takes into consideration how many calories you have burned based on the Fitbit data and your weight and adds the amount of calories that you can consume for the day and still meet your limit. Yea! More food!

MyFitnessPal also syncs up with Bodymedia, Digifit, Endomondo Sports, Everymove, Expresso Exercise, Swimsense, Mio Active, Runtastic, and a few pedometers and wifi smart scales. We all know that Librarians and Information techs can be a sedentary bunch. What a great way to motivate a group of people to get up and move.


3 thoughts on “Come On, LIbrarians!! Get up and Move!!

  1. Nicole Wiley

    I’ve seen libraries do fitness classes or walking book clubs – how do you think this app could be used in the library? I think a healthy lifestyle/nutrition/fitness app class would be a good start!

  2. jaidenwilliams

    Hey Lauren,
    This is awesome! I love the idea of being able to “work out” together and pretty much help one another without having to physically being in the same place. How did you gals find out about this ? Was it difficult to set up? I was impressed by the weight watchers apps that allow one to scan barcodes to find out how many points something is– but this is a whole new level of cool! A workshop on apps like the one you mentioned could be great as a way to get people in the community informed on ways to further their fitness methods.
    Jaiden Williams

  3. laurenpeters

    Jaiden, It is nearly mindless to set up. found the app in the app store. it has a bar scan thingy too that is awesome. And it remembers your food so you don’t have to keep entering foods over again.
    It would be great to just have a “join and encourage” group at the library.


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