Facebook + Twitter + Blogs + Google+ = Too much!

I recently created a profile for my library in Google+ and my headache is yet to go away.

I’m trying to separate myself as much as possible from my institutional presence. It is not that I don’t want to make myself accessible and make the presence personable but I want the page to look official. I don’t want to create a personal page; I want to create an institutional page. But to create a personal page, you must have an e-mail account. And to have google e-mail account,  you must be a real person!

So, I create an e-mail account to be used only for the library Google+ page and I associate the same secondary e-mail to this new account. Guess what? The password on my other existing e-mail account changes!

Long story short. The first hurdle was painful. I think I have my two accounts sorted out and set up just fine, with different passwords. Now, the even harder part comes. Writing posts, engaging my community.

I’ve been exploring Google+ as well as surfing library webpages, especially keeping an eye on the libraries in my area, the university and public libraries which I’m likely to refer students to, for their adoption of Google+. The adoption of Google+ is non-existent. Facebook and Twitter seem to be the dominant social media venues of choice. In Google+ itself, someone set up a page to track use of Google+ in libraries, Libraries on Google+The page has not had activity in almost a year, April 2012! At that time, there were 150 libraries in its circles. Even the person keeping that page up seems to have gotten overwhelmed!

I like my sanity. I enjoy having coherent posts for my community. At this point, it is preferable, at least for me, to tackle venues which are more popular, and simple to use. I find Google+ to be more cumbersome, with a higher learning curve. Facebook and Twitter are simple. We, at my library, struggle with engaging users on those two fronts, as well as our blogs. I would much rather spend my time and energy strengthening our presence in those social media venues where we already have a presence.  I like this advice. I’m not trying to win a race. I’m not trying to conquer all media. There are too many out there to compete! With Google+ in particular, I don’t mind sitting back and waiting it out.


2 thoughts on “Facebook + Twitter + Blogs + Google+ = Too much!

  1. kallie

    Hi Laura,
    I completely agree about Google+. It’s too confusing and there is a much higher learning curve. Is it really worth the extra effort when it essentially does the same thing as Facebook and probably more people are on Facebook? Also, Facebook is established; whereas Google+ may or may not be. I think waiting it out is a smart move.
    P.S. I like the pic you included.

  2. Lauren Peters

    Laura, I had this problem too when setting up my Social Media plan project. Now, when I use my computer, all references go to my plan’s Facebook, twitter, YouTube, etc. Its interfering with my ability to work smoothly in other areas. And I finally did the big taboo – thinking I was sharing something on my personal Facebook, I posted it to my plan’s Facebook instead. Luckily, it was benign and informational. Now, I use my computer for my plan and my iPad for myself.


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