A wiki site for Online Instruction

SchoolRack.com is a free site to create a classroom website for collaboration with student and parents. I located this tool on a website (http://www.emergingedtech.com/2011/02/what-are-the-best-free-hosted-course-management-systems-on-the-internet/ ). The tool has the functions to create, collect, and grade assignments for students. A teacher can collaborate by sending private messages or hold online discussions. Students and parents are separate groups.There are three ways to create groups. They are Students, Students and Parents and Parents. The recommended way to create a group is to use the dashboard of your site and send the generated code to only those people who you want in the group. The other two methods require approval of members. Student or Parents can find my website by going to http://www.schoolrack.com and using the Search tab to look for my name.
It has options of pages and posts with text, images or videos that others can download. Similar to Pinterest or Flickr, this tool allows the creation of photo albums. The tool can also be used for a portfolio by using pages as competencies and adding groups for each criteria and then adding document to each folder. I created a website and created groups, pages and uploaded documents. It took me less than 20 minutes to begin working with SchoolRack.com. However, to add documents to the site will require a subscription of $5.95/month
A junior in High School created this tool as a class project. He maintained the website while attending Columbia University. Artia Moghbel founded the website as SchoolRack.com in 2003 (he was 16 or 17) and it has grown worldwide and no serves over 3 million student and parents every month. The tool began as a collaborative site for K-12 teachers.
The privacy policy is simply stated as “we will never share any of your information—with anyone—for any reason.” A teacher is only required to display a name and e-mail address. Even if more information is displayed on the website, SchoolRack.com will not sell it to anyone. Credit Cards are protected by using PayPal®
I was not certain of how a website had to comply with the ADA. Therefore, I researched on Google. I found (http://jimthatcher.com/webcourse1.htm) “Basically, technology is accessible if it can be used as effectively by people with disabilities as by those without.” He explained the original use of section 508 compliance applied only to the Federal Government. Today section 508 includes “technical standards” for websites. The standards are listed by the U.S Department of Health (see appendix-ADA compliance). I viewed the source HTML of the website so that I could check for compliance. I used http://www.validator.3WC.org to test the dashboard of my schoolRack.com wiki site. 3WC found six errors which were missing attributes from the dashboard. None of the errors had to do with privacy or ADA compliance. They were all formatting errors.


One thought on “A wiki site for Online Instruction

  1. lauren peters

    Thank you for introducing me to Schoolrack. My son’s teachers have been using igrade. Igrade has the ability to post grades and assignments, but that’s about it. I am trying to get their teachers to do more online collaboration and to originate and create student documents completely online. I will play with this some more and find out if this is a better alternative for the school for next year.


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