Social Media for Education

I think that the best I can do is explain where a little Facebook and some word press took me.  I became fascinated with the idea of crowd funding and universities.  One of my fellow students posted some links that were related, but they still weren’t a cohesive university.  I couldn’t get it out of my mind that an international distance education program that was free to the students could just do so much good in the world.  There is an open university in England, but it is extremely expensive to international students.  I think that in the US we have enough people to support a crowd funded university that is free to everyone.  The reason this is important is because of representation.  When we create research we are missing the perspective of people that do not have enough money to attend our university.  It is a point of equal representation.  Coursera is not cohesive enough, but it does show that cooperation can levied for free education.  We need something that grants degrees.  I think it is possible to do this here and I am going to spend the summer putting together a strategic plan for this dream.

How is this related to information science and social media?  You ask.  Well I am going to put up a wordpress web page so that anyone in the world can see it and contribute.  It is socail media collaboration.  The address to the wordpress site is  Its explaining two things how to give education for free on a small scale using the example of teaching English to orphans in India remotely and planning how we can do the same on a big scale in a university.  Helping the kids remotely proves the point and they are thrilled.  I met them on Facebook, in trying to get a more international perspective.  I wanted only to teach one, but I agreed to teach 4-5.  Our solutions are to use wordpress, google hangout, youtube, skype and snail mail delivered materials I make myself.  This is a utilization of social media technologies and human experiment.  What will come of giving some education for free?  How effective can we be at teaching independently?  How can you harness the internet to change people’s lives?  How do we use information technology to unify people?

I have explored things, met people and talked about a dream.  I think this university would make a better world.  Please come and speak for yourself.


3 thoughts on “Social Media for Education

  1. Lori

    Cynthia: I am in awe of you – and your idea! How honorable…

    I truly love how you can see the bigger picture and are reaching out, beyond our countries borders to make a difference in this world.

    Whenever I get together with old friends, my first question is always “What are you doing for the greater good?” Most reply with responses about how works keeps them too busy, and kids are a huge commitment, but they do write checks to such and such. They always seem to get very uncomfortable (which I don’t mind!) because they know they should be doing something, anything to help others. As a society, we owe it to everyone. We teach our children to be better than ourselves, to think about others. We need to live our own mantra!

    Of course, they’ve learned not to ask me because it is never a list of excuses, but instead real commitment, donating time and trying to make an impact, to help others less fortunate. It always includes something new. Not yet world reaching like yours, but I will get there. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. kallierees

    Cynthia – I think this is an amazing idea with a lot of potential. Your website looks great. What are you doing to get the word out and get others to participate?

    1. cynthiaalise

      I am talking to everyone I can. I have made little cards for athletes, talked to friends, visted a writer’s group and reached out on facebook. All I can really say is help me? Be a true believer and go say something and encourage someone else to also speak? I am asking in all the ways I know how.


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