Going Beyond Powerpoints with Prezi

I’ve been looking into some presentations options that go beyond the (sometimes bland) land of Powerpoints.  One that I really like the look and feel of is Prezi.  With zooming presentation software, it allows you to move seamlessly through your ideas and create a more cinematic and engaging experience.  With 3D capability, you can guide your audience through a spacial journey, zooming out for an overview and in on the details.

Here’s a 1 minute video that gives a nice overview:

And there’s this helpful tutorial page as well:

In addition, they also offer free live webinars to help you create and share your first prezi–so lots of support options to get started.

You can make your Prezi portable by downloading a version of it, which you can view offline or present in a setting where you don’t have internet.  When presenting your Prezi, you can control the speed by setting the time interval between path steps.  For those wedded to Powerpoint, you can import your slides into Prezi–one at a time or all at once, with just a few clicks.

You can sign up for free, or upgrade to paid options:

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 1.26.45 PM

And there are many attractive templates to choose from:

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 1.37.43 PM

I’m impressed with what I see and excited to put it to use!


7 thoughts on “Going Beyond Powerpoints with Prezi

  1. tnixey

    I have been exposed to Prezi before and have the link for the site saved on my Pearltree. However, I had forgotten what the tool was all about so thanks to you for providing the thorough description that you did! Prezi was another tool that had been highlighted in one of the Society of California Archivists conference sessions concerning social media and digital collections this past weekend.

  2. Lori

    Thanks so much for exploring Prezi further and sharing. I have been married to PowerPoint for far too long…I love the idea of a more cinematic approach. It is what our students are coming to expect in our visual world. I can’t wait to explore this further (when classes are over!).

  3. kathysbookmark

    Thanks for introducing me to Prezi. I’ve always been a PowerPoint user so it’s nice to know of another option. I like how Prezi’s slides compare your presentation information to a metaphor which can be an excellent way to get your message across. I also like how you can zoom in and out to focus on specific areas of your slides – cool feature. Thanks for the thorough introduction.

  4. kallierees

    I love Prezi – I’ve used it for almost every presentation I’ve done at SLIS and I’m using it for my Social Media Plan. I first learned about it when my now 13yo daughter was in 4th grade and she was learning how to use it at school. They have changed the interface quite a bit over the years – some things I find better and some things I liked better the old way. But it’s super easy to learn and makes creating presentations way more fun. If you’ve never tried it, I would highly recommend it. You’ll never go back to Powerpoint.
    Here’s a cool thing. Say you want to use Powerpoint’s graphing feature, but you want to do a Prezi. Build the graph in Powerpoint (with all the data, etc.) then Jing the Powerpoint slide, save it, then insert it into your prezi. Jing and Prezi will change your life presentation wise.

  5. Deborah Cooper

    This looks like a great tool for a LIVE presentation. I really looked at it in detail today but cannot find a way to easily add narration to it. Yes, you can add sound files, but what if you want to just record a voice-over, which is something PPT does easilyt? Does anyone have any experience doing that with Prezi? Thanks for the info by the way!

  6. Carleen

    Love the way Prezi looks. I’ve played with it and started a few presentations with it, but found the learning curve was a little more than I expected and at the time, I was in a rush to get the presentation finished so I ended up abandoning it. Should really sit down one day when I have more time and mess with it some more, those templates are so awesome looking!


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