QR codes for reader’s advisory

I was excited to read about QR codes this week – partially because we’ve just started using them at our library! I created reader’s advisory shelves on Goodreads, and then created QR codes leading to the shelves. I put the QR codes on 5×1 inch piece of paper, along with a saying like “Looking for a new mystery? Check here!”. These were then placed on the shelves near pertinent authors. (For example, a historical fiction QR code near Ken Follett and Bernard Cornwell, romance near Nora Roberts and Danielle Steele, etc.) It seems to be working, as I’ve noticed the books on the lists being checked out more often. I’m pretty pleased with it.

I really like some of the other ways libraries have been using QR codes, particularly study room reservation and linking to ebook versions of books.

I worry about people without smartphones (like myself), which is why I include URLS on the posters. As more and more people start to use smartphones, I imagine that libraries will not need to worry about this as much.


2 thoughts on “QR codes for reader’s advisory

  1. lslattengren

    I love the way you use QR codes for readers advisory! I especially like that you put the codes out on the shelves near the books on those topics – great idea. I’m a strong advocate for library resources being mobile friendly and since so many patrons have smartphones on them while browsing the stacks, this is a great use of a service many people are already connected to.

  2. Barnaby Hughes

    I love my local library’s mobile app because it allows me to search the catalog while actually in the stacks. I don’t have to go back to one of the computer terminals every time I want to conduct a search, and I don’t have to worry about writing the call number down either.


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